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Wiki: Brett Tran

(Brett: Read the WikiEdit page -RossOlson)

1 Deliverables:

  A.basic html document
  B.optional flash document

2 Describe:

  A.pick classes
  B.color coding
   1.program track
  C.sort order
  E.selection deactivation
  F.refresh list
  G.view schedule
    1. list chosen classes
    2. display schedule
      a. year
      b. term/week
    3. conflicting courses
    4. dicision point
      a. add more classes
      b. delete courses
      c. final version print

PICK A CLASS SCREEN: Wire Frame of structure/layout

Title Class# Track(s) Date/Time


1) Table rows are color coded for:

   Track - MMP, DES, DEV, Multiple, 
           Non-track (electives),inactive

2) ADD Button

   Click - Add class to chosen class list
   Not displayed - for already selected classes

3) Headings List

   -Required items:
    Title - link w/rollover
    Class #
    Dates/times (format?)
    ?-Total hours

-PHASE II Fees Locations CEUs


 complete annotations for:
  1.add whole tracks
  2.schedule in progress page
  3.third page that must be wired

-- Last edited November 10, 2007
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