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Wiki: Discussion Board Is Stable

You may also note that the QuickNotes section is gone for now. I hope to get it back into play, but for now it'll be MIA. I had wanted to re-do the way that it presented messages. I really needed it to go in a reverse chronological order and better integrate into the overall page layout. But I never really came up with a good way of presenting it.

I suppose I could work out a way for these quicknotes to go directly into GreyMatter, but that would require more effort than it's worth to me right now.

It seems that I need to start making more regular posts. That whole period from September of last year to May of this year was pretty sparse when it came to new content on this site and this journal. I hope that now I've started putting more time into I can get my readership up to better levels.

-- RossOlson

-- Last edited December 29, 2004
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