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Wiki: Notes About Articles Two Zero Zero Five Ps Two Wifi Mac

Feel free to use OpenDNS servers as a replacement:

Primary: Secondary:





What if my Network does not have a DNS Connection? I tried several possbile ways but the DNAS screen shows forever and wont go away.



DNas(ps2 online) is timing out!!!!!!!! what do i do!?!?!!

plz help



Why are DNS server data different for Airport and Ethernet?

    *  AirPort:
      The Airport is set to DHCP
      DNS server (Line 1):
      DNS server (Line 2):
    * Ethernet:
      Configure IPv4: Manually
      IP Address:
      Subnet Mask:
      DNS server (Line 1):
      DNS server (Line 2):



Hey this article is great. I'm using a macbook and trying to play socom 3 online with my ps2. I have everything setup right and when i test the connection it says successful! so I know it works ...but when i goto login it says network cable disconnected :(....i tried everything ....i think this article is kinda old but if some1 ever checks this out..please help me "zap@usa.com" im bout to just buy another wifi adapter.. :( something I wanted to avoid....

-StiG ...april 1st-2007


Someone: I just happened to use my ISP's DNS and my upstream provider's DNS servers (Aracnet and Qwest). These don't have to be the same, don't have to be different. They just need to be fast-response DNS servers.

Robbie: That timeout issue crops up all the time. I'm not sure what causes it, but a slow DNS server, might be the problem. Like I said in the article, it fails on me 9 out of 10 times sometimes.

-- RossOlson


How do you know what to put as your DNS servers in both the ps2 and on the mac? Im running a macbook btw.

-- SomeGuy


Whatever you normally put into your MacBook. If you don't normally put one into your MacBook, your DNS is probably set automatically by the DHCP service. You'll need to watch what gets put into your Network panes input fields by the server, once you've connected to the internet.

-- RossOlson


hey i used your guide down a T. it really helped but i still can't pass the DNAS test and i do have the "green" dot. any help you can provide would be nice.


================= can u do it on an windows PC??? if so how??? -anonimus

================ that's my question to

-- Last edited September 8, 2008
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