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Wiki: Notes About Mode Soundtracks Tv

Depeche Mode's "Love Thieves" appears on the "La Femme Nikita" Tv series Soundtrack. Vastly underrated spy show starring Australian female actress Peta Wilson.

Depeche Mode's "Dream on" occurs in "ALIAS" tv series, during the Episode called "The Snowman" I believe. ALIAS owes a lot to La Femme Nikita.

Cold Case always shows up with Depeche Mode songs.

Season 02 Ep.28 - "Who's Your Daddy" - Police of Truth

Season 03 Ep.47 - Family - Never Let Me Down Again Ep.53 - Start-Up - It's no Good Ep.62 - One Night - Precious Ep.68 - The River Blasphemous Rumors by Josy Silva josysilva@yahoo.com

-- Last edited February 28, 2008
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