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Wiki: Phone Interview Questions

Candidate’s Name: ____________________________________________

Today’s Date: ______________ Resume Attached: YES ___ NO ___

Position Title/Location: ________________________________________

== Initial Questions for the Specific Position - 8 minutes ==

-- Develop a question that will assess the experience of the candidate in the position you are recruiting. (Example: "How many years of inventory management experience do you have?")

-- Develop a question that will assess the experience of the candidate specific to your needs. (Example: "Tell me about your experience with immovable deadlines in a production environment.")

-- Develop a second question that will assess the experience of the candidate specific to your needs. (Example: "Tell me about your experience with production of database-backed web sites.")

"Describe your educational background and experience."

"Not to limit you or commit you to a certain dollar figure, but what’s the minimum salary you’d consider right now to accept this position?"

"Are you willing to agree to have a drug test, a criminal background check, references checks, educational background checks and others as appropriate for this position?"

== Mid-interview Evaluation ==

If the candidate's responses to these questions satisfy the phone interviewer, proceed with the interview. If not, tell the candidate that you have other candidates who appear to have credentials and experience that more closely match the expectations of the position. End the phone interview with a thank you for taking the time to apply.

== Learn About Past Company and Job - 5 minutes ==

"What size was the organization where you last worked in terms of revenue and employees?"

"What were the organization’s primary products and markets?"

"If the person had reporting staff, how many people reported to you directly – what were their titles?"

"If the candidate is not currently working, why and when did you leave your most recent position?"

"How have you spent your time since you left your most recent position?"

== Determine the Candidate's Degree of Success - 10 minutes ==

"How did your most recent position support the accomplishment of the mission of your organization?"

"In your previous position, what do you consider your greatest accomplishments and what was learned from them?"

"How to you deal with failure: your own and others'? What were your most significant failures and what was learned from them?"

"How would your supervisor and coworkers describe your work?"

"What is your reason for leaving your current position?"

"If currently employed, what would need to change at your current position for you to continue to work there?"

"Which skills would you highlight in regards to this position?"

== Determine the Candidate's Work Environment and Cultural Needs - 7 minutes ==

"What sort of role do you excel in? Support with clear direction or leading with minimal clarity? Describe the management style you prefer and/or exhibit."

"What sort of team environment do you excel in? Individual efforts or Team-based?"

"What sort of office environment do you excel in? Office with cubes or open floor collaborative. Describe your preferred work environment."

"Describe your preferred work tools: Windows, Mac, Text editors, etc."

"What must exist in your work place for you to be motivated and happy?"

== Allow the Candidate to ask questions about the company and position - 10 minutes ==

[[Answers MUST be as clear and straightforward as possible. This must be accurate in order to have employees who know what they're expected to do and deal with in the position. Do not SUGARCOAT anything.]]

[[Note the questions that are asked and evaluate the source of them.]]

== Wrap Up The Interview - 2 minutes ==

Explain the next steps.

Thank the Candidate for their time.

== Review and Note thoughts and initial Evaluation - 10 minutes ==

A/B/C/D/F Grade, Top Quartile, 10 Point Scale

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-- Last edited April 14, 2014
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