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Wiki: The Ten Files

You are discovering to laptop users dirty little secrets. With the advent of the wireless LAN. The internet creeps its way into your every crag and cranny of life. No room is sacred. It is the ultimate throne side reading material. Why page through last months macaddict when you can pop in the CD and demo the software. Jump up to the sites that are mentioned in their articles.

Check the bedtime e-mail. That alone can eat 30 minutes before you nod off.

You don't even roll out of bed before you've checked your e-mail and loaded up the daily news sites and checked your stocks.

My favorite position is keypad sitting on your chest in either a full or partial reclining position. The back is fully supported. the keypad can easilly be accessed and the track pad is freely available. it's easy to pull the screen down to illuminate infrequently used keys. (but, I'm far sited) This may not work for you.


-- Last edited December 29, 2004
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