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Wiki: Trash Planet Project

I've taken down this entry for now. It was Amy's idea originally and she wanted to work with it some more rather than having me publicize it. - Ross

I'd like to be the first to nominate Epson for Step 6. We refuse to reccomend their printers because of design flaws that make them unreliable and wasteful. They are:

Open air ink trough & unreplaceable ink heads

The effects of these flaws are: the open air ink trough dries out and clogs causing the user to waste as much as an entire ink cartridge to clean the printer before it may again be used. The easiest remedy is to make sure that you print something once or twice every week. You can't let the printer sit.

The big problem with unreplaceable Ink heads is that if they wear out or are perminately clogged. Your local epson rep recommends throwing it away and getting a new one. Thats right. Take that $99 printer and chuck it. You got what you paid for.

At least with an HP you get new heads on every ink cartridge. and there is no open air trought to dry out and clog. You will pay more for each ink cartidge. But, You won't have to replace your printer in as little as a year and you will spend far less time doing support on your printer before you can finish what you REALLY want to do.


-- Last edited December 29, 2004
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