@theleagueof Typo in first graf:…

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@theleagueof Typo in first graf: “Well, w[e’]ve got for you a…”


@rdpollard This is a really…

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@rdpollard This is a really good SPS. The only wonky thing to me is that the download links are nearly the same col… https://t.co/uPP0Hnknx8

RT @TerribleMaps: https://t.co/e09F5C2sIn

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RT @TerribleMaps: https://t.co/e09F5C2sIn


@jaredhanson I easily write 10x…

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@jaredhanson I easily write 10x the code vs. 1x what I commit. It’s better code but tough to justify in scrum.


@andykutansky @richardfarley According to oddsportal,…

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@andykutansky @richardfarley According to oddsportal, it looks like the Revolution vs Galaxy (2014) was the most lopsided. By a mile.


@textfiles @DrJohnZoidberg @burgerbecky I’ve been…

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@textfiles @DrJohnZoidberg @burgerbecky I've been saving a phone number (via a pre-paid phone plan, $7/mo) for my c… https://t.co/DDpB42gmde


@marcoarment (Former @planarsystems employee…

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@marcoarment (Former @planarsystems employee here) The specs for the IX2790 specifically state: "5K resolution is… https://t.co/UJYV8suAv9


@starenova All of the coaches…

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@starenova All of the coaches after Agnello were 2007, 2011, 2013. Gio’s 2018 start must have broken the curse… or…… https://t.co/YyWGPUDWtw

I think @starenova and I…

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I think @starenova and I figured out what happened to the Even Years Curse. Gio is the first permanent head coach t… https://t.co/v1H3QxXUxv

@cabel @hecpara @mysticflights What about…

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@cabel @hecpara @mysticflights What about the Target on Powell that went into the bowling alley? They painted finge… https://t.co/YNcOv8j87o