Generic Characters

MUMMY: just use toilet paper or gauze and wrap yourself up!

LEPRECHAUN: wear green or white dress shirt, green pants cut off just below the knee, a green, black or gold vest and/or a green or black suit jacket (thrift stores are good places to find these items). Wear sheer white dress socks that reach up to the knee, a white or green bow tie, black shoes, and a big green or black top hat. Wear a red wig, a fake red beard, and carry a pot of "gold".

TOURIST: wear a big Hawaiian shirt, big shorts, socks with sandals, a big hat, sunglasses, and white/zinc sunscrean on your nose. To top it off, drape a big camera around your neck (use a big, fake kids toy camera if you can't find the real thing) and carry a map.

ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR: wear an old graduation cap and gown, a pair of nerdy glasses, and carry a big math or science book. Under the gown wear a dress shirt, bow tie, outrageous boxer shorts (ie you forgot your pants), and black dress socks and shoes. For added effect, wear a pocket protector with pens, men's sock garters, and a white wig.

PLAYER AND COACH: An easy duo costume. Find an old sports uniform for the player and the coach wears a big university sweatshirt, baseball cap, whistle, and carries a clipboard.

THE BET: Find a barrel and attach rope so it hangs from your shoulders (wear shorts underneath!) and carry a sign that says, "I LOST!" Have a friend carry a pile of clothes and a sign that says, "I WON!"

DEAD BRIDE: wear an old white prom dress, gown, or cheap thrift store wedding dress. Buy a veil/headpiece from a craft or fabric store in the bridal section. Use make-up to make your face and any skin that shows pale. Use black and purple eyeshadow to create hollows around eyes and cheekbones. Black lipstick and nail polish. For added effect, run over dress to create tire tracks or cut small, round holes and paint red to make bullet holes.

WOOD NYMPH: leaves and feathers from a craft store on a brown leotard.

VAMPIRE VICTIM: wear regular clothes, fangs, two spots of blood on neck as a bite mark, powder face white, and put blood coming out of your mouth.

TIME PERIOD: pick a decade, any decade! Costumes from the 1920s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s are fun, but may take a little extra time and money.

50s GIRL: wear a poodle skirt, blouse or button up sweater, bobby sox and Keds. Put hair in a ponytail with a ribbon in it and wear horn-rimmed glasses.

FLASHER: wear a trench coat with just shorts and tank top under it so that it looks like you have nothing on underneath the coat. Or, for added fun, wear only a skin coloured leotard underneath so that when you "flash" people, it looks like you really are in the buff.

COUCH POTATO: wear an old bathrobe and tie/button it sloppily, wear a wig with curlers in it or wear your hair so it looks like you just got out of bed, and add mis-matched socks and slippers. Put a TV guide in one pocket, a gossip rag in the other, and carry an old coffee mug.

ATHLETE WHO HAD A BAD DAY: Cut a tennis ball in half, paper clip it to a bandana and position it over an ear. Then use fake blood to create bloody knees, elbows, and crater where the ball landed. A black eye and mangled tennis racket complete the look. Costume can be adjusted to fit any sport.

18TH CENTURY DANDY: a la Amadeus: wear a coat, vest and knee-length stretch pants, all in velvet, white stockings, frilly shirt with silk scarf wrapped around and knotted at the neck, long wavy wig and a mask that only covers eyes and nose. Powder face white and add a beauty mark if you like.

PREGNANT NUN: buy an inexpensive nun costume (Target has them for $15) and then use a belt or string to tie a big pillow to your abdomen to make it look like you're pregnant.

BASKETBALL PLAYER AND PREGNANT BASKETBALL: for a couple, the man goes as a basketball player and the woman goes as the basketball. Cut a big circle out of orange felt and draw lines on it to make a basketball and attach that to the belly of a t-shirt.

FARMER AND WATERMELON: same idea as above. The man goes as a farmer and the woman has a felt watermelon on her abdomen.

WICKED WITCH OF THE WILD WEST: dress as a witch, but with these modifications: cowboy boots, silver concho hat band, and turned up hat brim. Carry a broom with stuffed horse's head on the end (use stuffed animal head).

USED CAR SALESMAN: mismatched plaid polyester suit and slicked back hair.

HIT BY CAR: paint a tire with black shoe polish and roll it over a shirt and dress messy.

MEDIEVAL VILLAGER: wear peasant shirt and plain jeans (no labels, logos, etc). Wear shirt untucked with wide plain belt at waist. Add pouch (fannypack) and sheathed dagger. Wear round-toed boots with pant legs tucked into boots. Add a cloak if you like or add a musical instrument and be a minstrel.

ULTIMATE FAN: wear sweatshirt/jersey and hat of your favorite team and paint your face in your team's colors.

BLIND DATE: dark glasses, mismatched clothes, bouquet of dead flowers, walking cane.

BURGLAR: wear a black eye mask, black stocking cap, and black clothes.

PUNKIN HEAD: a simple but unique costume. Carve out a big pumpkin from the bottom, cut out eyes and draw on a face, then put it on your head!

RASTAFARIAN: wear dredlocks wig (or dye a mop), sunglasses, and hippie clothes.

70s COP: a la Beastie Boys video. Get a 70's style suit and tie from a thrift shop and wear it with a cheesy wig, mirrored sunglasses, big fake moustache, and a badge.

PSYCHO NURSE: dress as a nurse (buy cheap nurse costume at a store or at a thrift shop), splatter yourself with fake blood, and carry a fake cleaver.

EASY KILT: use between 4 and 9 yards of fabric (wool, cotton, etc.) Lay a belt under the fabric, parallel to the cloth. Pleat the fabric leaving about a foot at each end. Lie down on the pleats, roll yourself up like a burrito, and fasten the belt. After minor adjustments you have a kilt fit for any respecting Highlander.

ANGEL: white nightgown, make halo out of tin foil, and buy pair of wings.

HOOTER GIRL: great costume for men, especially if you're really hairy. Get a bra with big cup size, stuff the bra, then wear a Hooters tank top and shorts.

MOURNER: wear a black dress, stockings, shoes, and hat with veil. Don't speak to anyone for at least two hours. No one can see your face through the veil and by the time you finally say something, people will be pretty rattled. This one can be scary if you're willing to stay SILENT. That's what pulls it off.

LUMBERJACK: wear a flannel shirt, overalls (or jeans with suspenders), boots, work gloves, and stocking cap. An ax can be made out of cardboard and tin foil.

SUPERMOM: half in office attire and half in home attire.

WOMAN IN BUBBLE BATH: nude colored leotard with clumps of cotton batting made to look like bubbles. Carry soap bubbles and blow them at people.

PAINTER: wear a peasant or poet blouse with paint stains on it, add a beret, and carry a brush in one hand and a round plate with paint dollops on it in the other. For added effect, add a cheesy moustache and/or goatee and talk with a bad French accent.

SCARED PERSON: wire your hair with pipe cleaners so it stands on end.

Robot: Find boxes for your body, head, and feet. Cut holes for arms, legs, and head. On the box for your head, cut a hole for your face and use costume make-up to pain your face grey. Cover all the boxes with aluminum foil and/or draw circuitry designs on them. Add tin foil antennae to your head box.

GHOST: just get a white sheet, cut holes for your eyes and, if you like, draw a 0 for the mouth.

MR. CLEAN: wear white t-shirt, white pants, and latex skull cap (for bald effect). Wear bushy white eyebrows (fake moustaches can be used for eyebrows, but be careful what glue you use to apply them ), a gold hoop earring, and a bottle of Mr. Clean cleaner.

SKELETON: wear black pants and black long sleeved shirt and tape white reflective tape on the front of clothes in the shape of a skeleton. Paint face white with dark shading around eyes, nose, mouth.

MEDIEVAL COURT JESTER: wear a colorful tunic tied with a sash, matching tights, wild/pointed hat, pointed shoes or slippers, and face make-up if you like.

AMERICAN GOTHIC COUPLE: remember the painting of the old grumpy couple standing in front of a barn? Just get a pitchfork, put flour in your hair to make it look grey, wear old clothes, and look like your having a lousy time.

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