OREO COOKIE: cut two large circles of cardboard, spray paint them black, and glue on cotton balls to spell Oreo. Tie the two pieces together, slip over your head, and wear white underneath for the cream filling.

M & M: same concept as Oreo costume above, but with an M&M design.

HERSHEY'S KISS: get wire hangers, stretch them straight, then shape them in a circle big enough to fit around you. Put suspenders on and clip suspenders to front and back of wire circle. Have a friend help you cover the wire with tin foil and continue wrapping foil up your body and down the back so you can secure it to the back of wire circle. Mold the foil to keep it in place. Wrap tin foil over a hat. Make a point so it looks like the top of a kiss. Write "Hershey's" on long, white strip of paper and attach it to the hat .

BASKET OF FRUIT: wear a shirt with tropical fruit on it. Take a large wicker basket and cut the bottom out and wear it like a skirt, then fill the area between your body and the basket with plastic fruit (Target or craft store). For added effect, glue some plastic fruit to a hat to top off the outfit.

GRAPES: wear a green body suit with green tights and tape purple balloons to the suit with double stick tape.

BAG OF JELLY BEANS: you need a big, clear trash bag and balloons. Put on trash bag and blow up ballons until you have enough to fill the bag. Staple the top shut. If you like, use a marker to write "Jelly Beans" on the front or a UPC bar code on the back.

WHAT'S FOR DINNER?: to be a walking dining room table, take a big box, at least as wide as your shoulders and cut a hole in the top for your head and a hole in the bottom for your body. Take a big tablecloth, cut a hole in the center for your head, then put it on and tape the tablecloth to the box. Tape plastic dishes, silverwear, glasses, and napkins to the tablecloth and use your head as the centerpiece.

CHOCOLATE-COVERED RAISIN: get some dark pantyhose and a brown 30-gallon hefty bag. Put holes in the bag for your arms and legs and tie the bag loosely around your neck. Simple but fun.

BLACK-EYED PEA: black out your eye and pin the letter "P" to your shirt.

SANDWICH: you need 6 people, two to dress as bread, one lettuce, one tomato, one cheese, one turkey. If you have a lot of friends, go as a sub!

PUMPKIN: take some orange material and sew it into a tube, attach two green tubes for arms, make a green collar, add a green hat and presto!

BIG GULP: large pieces of red and white construction paper and a poster tube for a straw.

CANNED SOFT DRINK: easy to make with cardboard.

GREEN BEAN: wear green clothes and funky green hat.

BAKED POTATO: wrap up in foil

SPAGHETTI: drape body in red and pasta-colored yarn, add meatballs also made of yarn.

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