Things and Items

GIFT: get a big box, wrap it in Christmas or birthday paper, add a big bow, then cut holes for arms, legs, and head.

DICE: same idea as gift box above, but wrap the box in white paper and add black dots. Go with a friend and be a pair of dice.

TRAFFIC LIGHT: wear all black and cut red, yellow, and green circles out of fabric or paper and tape them to your shirt. For added fun, sing Monty Python's "I Like Traffic Lights" song.

TOILET SEAT: wear white t-shirt and attach handle to your upper shoulder and attach a toilet seat to your belt. Carry toilet paper and reading material.

BAG OF LEAVES: get a pumpkin leaf bag, the orange kind with pumpkin faces on them that people use for leaves; make holes for your head and arms, fill the bag with crumpled newspapers or anything you have to make it look full; take some leaves and attach them with tape/staples/glue to outside of the bag, and other parts of your body/face if you like.

CAN OF RAID: use a cardboard cylinder that fits over your body and paint it to look like a can of Raid. For your head, use a small box made to look like a spray nozzle. Use a squirt gun filled with baking soda/water mixture to give the effect of spray repellent. For added effect, have a friend go dressed as a bug.

COVER OF A ROMANCE NOVEL: the guy goes as a dashing hero (ie Fabio). He wears black pants, boots, and a loose white shirt open down the front. You can add a cheesy wig or plastic buff chest if you like. And all the woman needs is any type of historical dress, the lower cut, the better.

CHIA PET: wear brown leotards or sweats and wrap a bunch of greenery from a crafts store around your middle. Ears cut from brown paper would convey the "pet" part, or do without and call youself Chia Boy or Chia Girl.

SPEEDBUMP: paint a tire with black shoe polish and roll it over a yellow sweatsuit, then wear the sweatsuit.

TROPICAL ISLE: use an inflatable desktop palm tree and stick it on your head, tape sand paper sheets all over your shirt, and have clear blue plastic report covers hanging down from there. Decorate with toy fish, shells, etc.

STUDENT I.D. CARD: buy large piece of white poster board and some colored pens. Cut a square where the "picture" should be and use pens to fill in student info on front of card. Only trick is weighting the side where picture is, otherwise you have to hold up other end.

BATHROOM STALLS: go with a friend wearing grey sweats. Carry toilet paper in one hand, waterproof markers in the other. Let people graffiti your sweats and go as bathroom stalls.

HUMAN CHRISTMAS TREE: decorate yourself with ornaments, tinsel, and lights (solar or battery powered).

CIGARETTES: decorate a cardboard box with construction paper, paint, markers, etc to resemble a pack of cigarettes. Cut arm and leg holes and wear the box. Include a big surgeon general's warning about smoking risks.

TREE: wear a brown shirt and brown pants and we tape real or fake leaves all over the shirt. Add a headband or hat with more taped leaves, and voila.

BUCKET SEATS: for two people. Take sheepskin seat covers, slip them over your heads, cut holes where your faces are, and paint faces same color as the sheepskins. Use pizza boxes to make the seat stick out at the waist. Wear all black underneath. With free hand, carry cup holder between you. Silly but fun.

SECOND HAND ROSE: go to a used clothing store or your grandmother's attic and find old, ratty, garish clothes and shoes. Have your stockings rolled below the knee with elastic garters showing. Wear an old hat on your teased, messy hair. Don't forget to smear your red lipstick and rouge. Great idea for guys, too!

FIRE HYDRANT: red sweats and face paint, red painted styrofoam shapes glued to front and sides of sweats. Red cap with similar shapes glued on. For added fun, carry a stuffed animal dog or, better yet, take your own pooch.

BASKET OF LAUNDRY: cut out a laundry basket bottom and pull it up over your hips. Wear mismatched clothes, stuff basket with other clothes, towels, etc. Wear underwear on your head and throw in a box of fabric softener.

GROCERY BAG: wear a box covered with brown paper bags and have the top of the bags extend above the box to your shoulders. Add boxes in which the real food has been taken out, a grocery receipt, and a lettuce leaf hat.

SLINKY: use the silver air conditioner ducts that you get at hardware stores.

TUBE OF TOOTHPASTE: get a lampshade to wear on your head as the cap. Dress in sweats the same color as the tube of your chosen brand of toothpaste. On cloth or construction paper, create name and logo of the toothpaste brand and pin it to the sweats. For the toothbrush, get a large sweep broom, turn the handle, and tie it on to the stick.

BLACK AND WHITE TV: one person dresses in all black, complete with blackened faces, limbs and hair. The other person dresses in all white, taking the same measures. The one in white attaches a cardboard black T on their shirt, the one in black attaches a white V.

WASHER AND DRYER: for two people. Use two large square cardboard boxes. Spraypaint yellow or white. Glue appropriate knobs/buttons on each. On top of each, glue an empty box of Tide or Bounce. Make washer a front loading so you can see. For added effect, wear hat covered with styrofoam peanuts to be suds.

FOOSBALL BALL PLAYERS: for two or more people. Same shorts, socks and hats with a broom handle or long rod behind their arms.

MR POTATO HEAD: black pants and shirt with big brown burlap sack over the top and lots of interchangable anatomy - ears, noses, eyes - with velcroe. And dont forget the cowboy and baseball hat. Tip: if you want to drink, buy a long straw/plastic tube and run it up your arm, dip your finger in the cup to drink.

AN OSCAR: wear gold leotard and tights, use gold body paint on face and any exposed skin, gold hair paint on slicked back hair, hold arms like Oscar statue.

GUM STUCK TO THE BOTTOM OF SHOE: tie a sneaker on top of your head, paint your face pink, wear pink clothes, viola! Gum on the bottom of a shoe.

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