You don’t get “points” for…

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You don’t get “points” for rolling back your anti-quarantine efforts. You don’t get praised for thinking few were people should die.


@erinlynch Border impacts the layout.…

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@erinlynch Border impacts the layout. Try setting an outline or even a hard shadow.

@cityofportland If we would just…

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@cityofportland If we would just stop _reporting_ the brutality, it wouldn’t be so high! (That’s how this works, right?)

@3yeAmHe Are they posting elsewhere…

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@3yeAmHe Are they posting elsewhere or just resting their voices?


@Mi_chiamo_Rene @drummerlib The Night Witches…

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@Mi_chiamo_Rene @drummerlib The Night Witches segment was flat out amazing.

Example #294 as to why…

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Example #294 as to why I gave up giving “the benefit of the doubt” to anyone back in November 2016. For me “good fa… https://t.co/4MdAGcqdHD


@scottcowley That’s wonderful news Scott!…

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@scottcowley That’s wonderful news Scott! Congratulations! Keep us posted on when the electronic version is available!

@kevin2kelly The principles are similar…

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@kevin2kelly The principles are similar to why I’ve never been able to decide on a tattoo.


@Mach_Dent Can this be one…

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@Mach_Dent Can this be one of the AppleTV vids?


RT @e4moji: If I had…

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If I had a nickel for every time I got confused, I'd be like "where'd this nickel come from?" and then there'd be a… https://t.co/fYsS8CkmNn