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A Model 100 to Macintosh File Transfer Utility



First connect the M100 laptop to the Macintosh with the cable from the Mac's Modem port to the laptop's RS232 port. The cable is a Mac SE to ImageWriter I cable (not ImageWriter II).

Turn on both machines, and start the Laptop HyperCard stack on the Mac.

On the laptop, at the Main Menu screen:

  1. With BASIC selected, type ENTER.
  2. Type:  Key7, "LOAD" + CHR$(34) + "COM:88n1e" + CHR$(13)
    including the quote marks and all punctuation. Don't worry about upper and lower case, and spaces don't matter between the words (just don't insert any spaces in the words!) The next to last character in the "COM" part is the number 1, not the letter l. This is the most complicated thing you will have to do.
  3. The word OK should appear on the next line. If anything else appears, do it over.
  4. Now press F7
    (in the second group from the left of oblong keys along the top).
  5. The cursor should disappear. If anything else happens, start again with the "Key7" part.

Now on the Macintosh:

  1. Click on the button "M100 Setup"
  2. Click on "OK" or press Return
  3. Watch the Laptop screen, and when "OK" appears,
  4. press F3
  5. type DOWN
  6. then press F7
  7. On the Mac screen there should be an alert box with these same instructions. Click on OK or press Return.
  8. Watch the Laptop screen, and when "OK" appears,
  9. press F3
  10. type KILL
  11. then press F7.
  12. On the Mac screen there should be an alert box with these same instructions. Click on OK or type Return.
  13. Watch the Laptop screen, and when "OK" appears,
  14. press F3
  15. type HIDE
  16. then press F4
  17. The laptop should return to the main menu, with only the TEXT item showing, along with any document files you already had in there.



You will need Hypercard 2.0 or later, and System 6.0.5 or later.



To delete a file, highlight it on the main menu and type "-" (minus sign, without the quotes) and Return. The file should disappear.

To make all the hidden items (BASIC, TELCOM, etc.) come back, go to the main menu, and type "H" and press ENTER.

To connect with the Laptop stack, connect the 2 computers as above, and type D and press ENTER. The display on the Laptop should say Waiting...



Now all control is done on the Mac. Open the Laptop stack, and if the M100 is properly connected and running, the directory should appear in the left-hand box. To update it at any time, click on the M100 Directory button. You can select one by clicking or using the arrow keys. Multiple contiguous selections can be made by holding down the shiftkey and clicking, discontiguous selections are made by holding down the Command key while clicking on file names.

Command-A selects all files in the list.

Once you have made your selection you can upload or delete the selected files by clicking on the appropriate buttons. When you have finished, click on "Quit" and the Mac will quit the Laptop stack, and the laptop will return to the main menu. If you find the laptop still with the Waiting... display after the Laptop stack is no longer running, hold down the Shift key and press the Break/Pause button, located to the right of the function keys, followed by F8.

If this is your first session, you need to specify where uploaded files are to be stored. Click on the "Upload to:" box, and in the resulting dialog box, navigate to where you want to store the files, highlight a folder or disk name, and click on Select. Each session in which you upload one or more files, a folder will be created inside your designated folder or disk, named "Laptop Uploads" and the date of the session. At the end of each session a log file will be created and saved in the same place containing all the information in the log window. The files will have the same names as they did on the laptop.



Patrick Brinton
6045 Ross Branch Road, Sebastopol, CA 95472
(707) 887-0274

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