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timefmt Commands Information

Now that you've got the basics, let's try some cooler stuff. First off, lets put together a date and time stamp that shows every measurment that we can display in numerical form, starting with the year and ending with the seconds.

<!--#config timefmt = "%Y %m %d %H %M %S" -->

and when this particular command string is used we get the following display on a web page:

2022 08 14 05 01 48

Interesting but rather uniformative, don't you think? Well fortunately, we can put more than just the commands into the string. We can also add letters, numbers, punctuation; just about everything except for quotation marks can go in the string just by typing them in. So let's update our command string.

<!--#config timefmt = "It is now year %Y, Anno Domini, in the month numbered %m, and the day %d of that month. As well there have been %H hours since Midnight and it is currently %M minutes past the hour and %S seconds past the minute." -->

And this wordy example gives us:

It is now year 2022, aminos domini, in the month numbered 08, and the day 14 of that month. As well there have been 05 hours since Midnight and it is currently 01 minutes past the hour and 48 seconds past the minute.

Don't miss the two charts that list the commands that used in the string. One chart is in Alphebetical order. Another one is sorted by functional groupings.


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