Track Listing for
Space Ghost Coast To Coast Soundtrack

Lurching from style to style, the disc as a whole is hardly listenable, though there are some standout tracks. The Aquabat's track is super catchy, to the point of being fatal, while Reel Big Fish have a lively campy time with "She's Got A Girlfriend Now." A number of the tracks lean towards Ska without actually making it. But on the brighter side, Love Spit Love's "Fall On Tears" is a great song from the former Psychedelic Furs' Richard Butler. G. Love's "Stepping Stones" is also worthy of getting more radio play. As far as I can tell, this was only a promotional release, not available in most stores, but you might find it used.


  1. SPACE GHOST's Musical Bar-B-Que: Smells Like Cartoon Planet

  2. Finley Quaye: Sunday Shining

  3. Baby Bird: You're Gorgeous

  4. G. Love and Special Sauce: Stepping Stones

  5. The Aquabats: Super Rad

  6. Pfilbryte: Merry Go Round

  7. The Interpreters: Sellers

  8. Black Lab: Wash It Away

  9. Louie Says: Cold To The Touch

  10. The Bent Scepters: Gold Digger

  11. SPACE GHOST's Musical Bar-B-Que: I Love You, Baby

  12. Fatboy Slim: Going Out Of My Head

  13. Lucious Jackson: Why Would I Lie?

  14. Lauren Christy: Magazine

  15. Love Spit Love: Fall On Tears

  16. Depeche Mode: Home

  17. The Dambuilders: Break Up With Your Boyfriend

  18. Blur: Beetlebum

  19. Smashmouth: Why Can't We Be Friends

  20. Reel Big Fish: She's Got A Girlfriend Now

  21. Buck-O-Nine: Round Kid

  22. Cold: Give


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