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This site was updated constantly on Sept 11. Please feel free to add new links here.


September 11, 2001: A pair of jet planes crashed into each of the 110-story World Trade Center Towers in New York. Both Towers have been demolished. A third plane has crashed near or in the Pentagon building in Washington DC. A fourth passenger jet has crashed near Pittsburgh.

  1. 8:50AM, WTC south tower: UA175, 767, Boston to LA, 92 people on board
  2. 9:06AM, WTC north tower: AA11, 767, Boston to LA, 64 or 65 people on board
  3. 9:30AM, Pentagon: AA77 Dulles to LA, 58 pas / 6 crew
  4. 9:50AM, the south tower fell
  5. 10:00AM, crash of UA93, Newark to SF, a 737 - hit ground 80 miles from Pitsburg PA, 45 people on board.
  6. 10:29AM, the north tower fell
  7. 5:25PM, building number 7 fell


I will be posting links to personal pages and public mailing lists in hope to find information that has not been shown on network broadcasts and websites.


I'm OK Lists: Check for your NYC loved ones or leave a message to them to say you're ok: or at, better controlled, a third one from Boston

How to help if you're in New York

Phone Numbers: Please use sparingly! If you don't *have* to call, DON'T.

United relative info line: 1-800-932-8555 Press Release updates at

American relative info line: 1-800-245-0999 Press Release updates on front page at

If anyone has a loved one who works for Morgan Stanley, you can call this number set up for the emergency: 888-883-4391 (It is a sales line of some sort.)

Yahoo Group for Survivors, Family and Friends


MetaFilter Discussions

A second-hand account of the WTC evacuation

A public discussion group at Yahoo has opened.


From a Pakistani who worked in WTC #7

From a man who worked in WTC 1, 74th floor

Web Developer in NY (single message)

Web Developer in NY. Continuous Updates

Dave Winer, software developer keeps lots of links daily.

A second-hand account of the WTC evacuation

'In 1981, the General Assembly declared that the opening day of its regular session in September "shall be officially dedicated and observed as the International Day of Peace and shall be devoted to commemorating and strengthening the ideals of peace both within and among all nations and peoples" (resolution 36/67)... In 2001, the opening day will be 11 September.' Link

A personal News Story collection and timeline.

Sara in NY

Michelle in NY

Views from Two Coasts

Eyewitness story from NY

Stories of the WTC from years past.


This picture was taken by a guy returning on a cruise July 28, 2001. It is a sunrise over lower Manhattan.

He Writes: As I watched the beautiful skyline of New York City float past me I noticed the sun was about to line up just behind the twin towers. I was lucky enough to snap the picture at exactly the right moment. If you look at the sun rays it is almost prophetic - a little spooky.

When I show this picture to anyone they almost always asks for a copy. I just want to share it with all who want it. Please take this picture and share it with anyone and everyone who likes it. I've been printing them like crazy on my home computer to give to those that want a copy.

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