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Upon seeing the termcap entry contained within the Erickson archive, I knew that I must have it on my unix system. There have been quite a few times when I used my m100 to logon to the school's unix system, and using it was very difficult because of the screen size.

Here is what to do if you want to use this on your system.

grep trs /etc/termcap

Termcap for the radio shack model 100 computer running itsbuilt-in terminal emulator. The termcap entry was prepared at Microsoft as was the model 100's standard software.

Here is a description of the ESC sequences, below this listing are the actual tercaps that you need to copy:

# escape A cursor up
# escape B cursor down
# escape C cursor right
# escape D cursor left
# escape E clear screen and home cursor
# e	 H home cursor
# e	 J erase to end of screen
# e	 K erase to end of line
# e	 L insert line
# e	 M delete line
# e	 P turn off cursor
# e	 Q turn on cursor
# e	 T set system line?
# e	 U reset system line?
# e	 V turn off LCD ?
# e	 W turn on LCD ?
# e	 Y row/col cursor motion
# e	 j clear screen don't move cursor
# e	 l erase line   don't move cursor
# e	 p begin rev video
# e	 q end rev video
# e	 del change char under cursor to space

MZ|m100|trs100|TRS100|radio shack model 100:\
	:cd=\EJ:cl=\EE:xt:cm=\EY%+ %+ :\
MZ|m100v|radio shack model 100 with video:\
MZ|m200|trs200|TRS200|radio shack model 200:\
	:cd=\EJ:cl=\EE:xt:cm=\EY%+ %+ :\

ureturn.gif (2080 bytes)

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