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Samples of Server Side Includes used by Web Servers.

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Welcome to the XSSI Library. Here you will find referrences, samples and other information that will help you learn to harness this technology that is built into the Apache web server. I started this page after my complete frustration with coming up with resources for Apache XSSI commands. I hope I can help you learn more about these commands and how to use them effectively.

Apache is the world's most popular web (http) server. It also happens to be one of the most successful open source projects and it's free. Used in combination with Linux, anyone can establish a wonderfully powerful and inexpensive web presence. XSSIs can help web developers manage small to medium sized web sites with far more efficiency than just straight hand coded HTML.

XSSI: eXtended Server-Side Includes is a system of making web serving intelligent. With XSSI, web pages can be customized, automatically updated, and given bells and whistles that are available to all browsers. SSIs have been available since Apache v1.0. EXtended-SSIs or XSSI has been available since 1.2. Wednesday, May 22, 2024 is the day that you can begin learning about what XSSI can do for you, even in the simplest of terms! (Yes, if you come back later that date will change, automagically.)

Where To Start
If you have a cool set of XSSI commands, e-mail them to me for inclusion and make sure you let me know how to credit your work. If you'd like to link to the XSSI Library, use this badge. Otherwise, just look around, browse the Library and let me know if you have any suggestions.

Now, check out the What's New page, or start looking through the section overviews.

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