This is my personal site where I publish my words, images and technologies. I've tried to make everything of concequence accessible to everyone. Let me know if you have any problems.



May 24, 2012 First edit of this page in years. This edit brought to you by Panic's Diet Coda.

Jan 3, 2009 Very few site updates beyond some maintenence of older articles. Most of this site's HTML is WAY out of date.

Jan 1, 2005 Brand new server via with lots more space and ability to host more than one web site.

Aug 20, 2004 More new layouts available to use.

Feb 24, 2004 There's a new layout selector on the menu bar. It uses a combo of JavaScript and SSIs. Also for today only, the is Grey Tuesday Grey.

Jan 18, 2004 A few minor updates including a fix for the contact form which I think may have been broken. As well, I updated some code in the XSSI Library and added the Rename4Mac utility in the WebDev Tools section.

Dec 02, 2003 The host for OrderSomewhereChaos has been really flakey of late. If you do get through you can check out the newest articles I've posted in the non-web development Articles section. Today I added a set of PDF worksheets about dealing with the stress of burn out. Earlier in the year I posted a listing of Utilities in the Portland area, which were part of the TownPartner web site.

Dec 26, 2002 Major update to the Fetish: Mac section which needed to have my iBook added. I also added more details about my Centris 610 and the AirPort wireless network.

Feb 10, 2002 Based on some progress I've made with server side includes tricks, the layout of OSC will rotate among a few differing designs on an hourly basis. This will later change to be a daily basis.

Feb 05, 2002 I've started stripping off my e-mail addresses from my web sites. I've finally made my contact form public.

Dec 02, 2001 Dwelling was offline because the host for went down. The host came back up on Dec 06.

Oct 14, 2001 I've consolidated all of the Extras from Dwelling and some other pieces I've written into an Articles section which is now available.

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