Web Design and Development Resources

The XSSI Library
Apache and other web servers have a great facility for producing web pages on the fly using a system known as Server Side Includes. This and eXtended Server Side Includes are covered in depth in my XSSI Library.
The RegEx Library
Regular Expressions are a tool for manipulating Text. There are some great things you can do with them, and I'm attempting to collect some good examples here.
The .htaccess Library
For people who don't have root access to the server their website is hosted on, Apache provides the ability to manupulate the .htaccess files which can set up configuration preferences for your directory and your web site alone. Here are some beginner's tutorials and some power-users' tips.
Low-cost Web development Tools for the Macintosh
Developing web sites on a Mac but you don't want to send your left arm to Macromedia and your right arm to Adobe? Check out these tools to help you out.
The Browser Black List
A method to kick the browser manufacturers into compliance. 1999-03-23


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