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Country Codes: US-United States, UK-Great Britain, DE-Germany, JP-Japan, AT-Austria, SE-Sweden, GE-Greece.

GroupRelease TitleCountryRelease No.Credit
Scritti PolittiThe World GirlCDT 13RH
Sex PistolsAnarchy in the U.K.UKVirgin CDT 3AP
Simple MindsBallad Of The StreetsUKSMX CD 3CZ
Simple MindsDon't You (forget about me)USCSIG 000054, CC31006AW
Simple MindsKick It InUKSMX CD 5CZ
Simple MindsThis Is Your LandUKSMX CD 4CZ
Simply RedI Won't Feel BadDE248 016-2, YZ172CDAW
Simply RedIf You Don't Know Me By NowDE246 990-2,YZ377CDAW
Simply RedIt's Only LoveDE247 164-2,YZ349CDAW
Simply RedA New FlameUKYZ 404 CDCZ
Simply RedYou've Got ItUKYZ 424 CDCZ
Sisters of MercyDominionDE248 052-2,MR43CDAW
Sisters Of MercyLucretia My ReflectionCE
SpiritualizedLadies & Gentlemen We
Are Floating In Space
Split Second, AFirewalkerATas 5012HG
Springsteen, BruceTougher Than The RestDE651641 3AW
Springsteen, BruceChimes of FreedomDE653192 3AW
SqueezeFootprintsUSCSIG 000049,CC31002AW
S.P.O.C.K.Never Trust a KlingonERpr002HG
Stevens, CatMorning Has BrokenJPS12Y3035AW
Stewart, MarkHysteriaUKCD Mute 92AP
Stewart, RodCrazy About Her921 297-2RH
Stewart, RodLost In You920 949-2RH
StingEnglishman in New YorkUSCSIG 000048, CC31001AW
StingWe'll Be TogetherUKAMCD 410AW
Sylvian, DavidPop SongCE
Talking HeadsLove Goes to a Building on FireDE921 135-2AW
Tears for FearsSowing The Seeds Of LoveJPPHDR-132CZ
Tears for FearsSowing The Seeds Of LoveUKIDSUN 12CZ
Tears for FearsWoman In ChainsDE/UK876 249-3 / IDSUN 13CZ
Tears for FearsAdvice For The Young At HeartUK/DEIDCDS 14 / 876 895-3CZ
10,000 ManiacsWhat's The Matter Here?DEEkr 71cdHG
The TheThe Beat(en) GenerationUK654628 3, CBEMU8AW
Thomson TwinsSugar DaddyDE759 921 335-2CZ
Tikaram, TanitaWorld Outside Your WindowDE247058-2,YZ363CDAW
Transvision VampI Want Your LoveUKDTVV-3CZ
Traveling WilburysHandle With CareUSCSIG 000145,2-27732AW
U2Angel Of HarlemUS7 2-96590AW
U2When Love Comes To TownUS2-96570AW
Ure, MidgeAnswers To NothingUKURE CD 5CZ
Van HalenFinish What Ya StartedUSCSIG 000132,2-27746AW
VariousRough TradeDEPROMO 5 CDAW
VariousA Special EditionDERTD 199.1103.3AW
VariousRough TradeDERTD 199.0012.3AW
VariousRough TradeDERTD 199.0019.3AW
VariousVirtual x-mas 92SEErxmas92HG
VariousVirtual x-mas 95SEErvx003HG
VariousVirtual x-mas 96SEErvx004HG
Vega, SuzanneLukaUSCSIG 000050,CC31003AW
Wham!Last Christmas (Christmas 88)653185 3RH
Warnes, JenniferFirst We Take ManhattanUSCSIG 000057,CC31007AW
Waters, MuddyMannish BoyDE651637 3AW
Wendy & LisaAre You My Baby?CE
Wendy & LisaLolly LollyCE
Wendy & LisaSatisfactionCE
Wendy & LisaWaterfall '89CE
Window Speaks, TheSomethings Gotten Hold Of My HeartATCBS 654659 3OGi
WireKidney BingosUKCD Mute 67AP
WireKidney BingosUSRestless 7 72245-2AP
WireSilk Skin PawsUSRestless 7 72299-3AP
WireEardrum BuzzUKCD Mute 87AP
WireEardrum BuzzUSEnigma 7 75520-3AP
WireIn VivoUKCD Mute 98AP
Working WeekEl DoradoUKTENCD 279AW
XTCThe Mayor Of SimpletonUSCSIG 000224,2-27552AW
Youngblood, SydneyIf Only I CouldCE
GroupRelease TitleCountryRelease No.Credit
  1. Discs A - D
  2. Discs E - L
  3. Discs M - R
  4. Discs S - Z


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