Appearences by Karmann-Ghias in Films and Video
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But now I've been humbled. I here by bow down to the greatest VWs in Entertainment site on the Net: Jim O'Malley's Volkswagens in Film and Video site includes more than just Ghias, and includes music video appearences. He shared a listing of the KG sitings he had; this is from his e-mail:

"Drop Zone - 'Roll To Me' / Del Amitri - Camp Nowhere - The Out-Of-Towners - 'There Goes My Baby' / Trisha Yearwood - Seinfeld - NBC Mystery Movie / Banacek - Nash Bridges - The Wonder Years - Pretty In Pink - 'You Want This' / Janet Jackson - Crossroads (VH1 series) - Now And Then - The Odessa Files - Get Smart! - Bullitt - The Cable Guy - CHiPs

"Hangin' With Mr. Cooper reportedly had a black KG belonging to Holly Robinson-Peete's character, but I have yet to find it.

"My Seinfeld page has the blue Ghia driven off the film lot by Kramer. You also mention a 007 appearance, in which film?"

Well, Jim I'm afraid no one's stepped forward with that info yet.

And on the subject of other people working on this same project, click on over to, and look through their newsletter for tips like the appearence of a Ghia in a 1998 Janet Jackson music video.

As I've gotten behind on this, here's a few more from people in no particular order: "Doesn't Maxwell Smart drive up in Ghia in the opening sequence of one series of Get Smart? It's a Periwinkle Blue Cabriolet if I remember correctly." Mark: In the famous 2-part Seinfeld in "Hollywood" episode (part II), Kramer--who at this time is wanted by the police--jumps into an Olympic Blue KG vert...looks to be about a 1969, to make his getaway. Everett Wilson tells us to check out 'Four Days In September' with Allan Arkin.

Nathan wrote: "In the new Chris Tucker/Jackie Chan movie, Rush Hour, there is a very brief scene of a Ghia that drives by on the freeway. Looked around a 67, convertible, dark green paint with a tan top." A more complete description comes from I went to that new Jackie Chan movie, RUSH HOUR, and 2 KGs popped up in one scene! A white sedan, and a green convt were in the scene where the diplomate's daughter is being chaufered to school and they are stuck in the traffic jam. The white sedan is on right side of screen near the middle and I believe one or two shots later there are three lines of cars pulling out into an intersection and the green convt is on the left side of the screen, if I remember correctly, and it has a tan top.

"My 1970 yellow Cabrio was used in "The Sixth Man" (1997?) a couple of years ago. I have not seen the film, but it has been seen by others who know the car." Wow! Thanks to Jay Cichosz for letting us in on his Hollywood ties. Direct from Guadalajara, Mexico, Omar, the owner of a grey '67 Ghia wrote in saying that "In The Rich Man's Wife there's a green convertible at the end of the movie."

"This sounds crazy, but the Reverend Lovejoy in the cartoon series The Simpsons drives a red ghia convertible with bumper overiders and a tan top. I am a college student at UCONN and drive a ghia coupe daily. At the beginning of the school year a couple of friends said that the Simpson's preacher drove a car that looked very much like mine. I had definitely seen Bugs on the show but found it hard to believe. Well, the Simpsons is on our Campus station three times a day so I have been keeping my eye out. In the episode were the Reverend Lovejoy loses his faith and Marge helps him get it back there are four separate scenes of him in a red ghia convertible. You'll have to trust me on this; it even had the pee shooter tail pipes and the VW wheels. After that I've seen it a couple other times but couldn't tell you the plot. Usually the cars in that show are generic, but Volkswagons are very clearly Volkswagons." Thanks William Cimarosa for that note. I'll keep my eye a little closer to the screen to watch for these guest appearences.

If you know of any other appearences of Ghias in film, movies or books, let me know!

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