Official "Vehicle Identity Certificate"

You can request an official "Vehicle identity certificate" directly from the Volkswagen Museum in Germany. Also known as a VW birth certificate, this document details information about the car in question such as the size of engine it came with the original body color. This information can be fun and also valuable for those trying to restore their car to it's original condition.

To the right you'll find to documents that were provided by His Dudeness, Andy (UKHoops (at) When Andy requested information about how to obtain a VIC for his Ghia, these are the two pages that were sent back to him. You can download, view and print the PDF or GIF versions of the letters.

To obtain your car's VIC, send:

  • 20DM (about 12US$)
  • Your car's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)


Stiftung AutoMuseum Volkswagen
Dieselstaße 35 - 38436 Wolfsburg

The letter says that the request will be filled in approximately 4 weeks.

May, 2001

Volkswagen AG sent me a letter asking me to remove their VW logo from the images and forms. So where ever you see a big blue dot, just imagine that there's a familiar logo there, but don't ask me which one.

August, 2004

This was on the NAKGC list recently:

"Don't forget to tell them (a) the chassis number (VIN) of your VW and (b) your own correct name and address. The charge is (as of 1/04) 15 euros, which unfortunately is now $20 US (the dollar's been slipping the past couple of years). [Do not] send an American check due to the high exchange rates the banks charge for checks. (I personally recommend going to your neighborhood bank's International Department and getting 15 euros -- a five and a ten, maybe. That's how I do it.) A twenty dollar [euro] bill would also do the trick."

And this was from the museum staff:

"The price for this service is 15 euros which you have to pay "cash with order", please. Our terms of payment are cash or via Visa/Mastercard - card number and expiry date. Our bank account:
Volksbank Wolfsburg
BLZ 269 910 66
Konto 811 840 000
or you send the credit card number via fax, our fax number is (0)53 61 - 5 20 10.
We need to know the chassis number of your vehicle, the name of the vehicles' owner and the complete address where we should send the certificate to."

October, 2004

Link to PDF of the info letter

PDF version
GIF version

Link to PDF of the kind of form you'll get

PDF version
GIF version


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