"HTML link for a page" Bookmarklet

Bookmarklet for generating HTML for a link to the current page

Get to know more about bookmarklets at And then use mine! I quickly creates html code for linking to the current page that you can copy and paste into another application like your favorite HTML text editor, or Greymatter text entry box.

Bookmarklet:HTML Link

Feel free to click that link right now. First a dialog box will come up and you can put in your link text. Then the bookmarklet will generate the code necessary to link to this page. It works pretty well. You can look at the code right here:

Just for fun, here's a variation that create a link with a TARGET="_blank". Bookmarklet:HTML Link New Window

What I do with the Bookmarks is drag the link right onto my links bar. You can see the what to do in the animation.

3 frame animation that shows the HTML Link being dragged to the link bar.
Click the image to view the animation (16k)

This has been really helpful for me in Greymatter as it allows me to quickly link to any page I might want to and add that page into my entry. Funny enough, it's almost impossible to write about and provide a bookmarklet in a Greymatter entry.


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