3 in 1 Laser PDA Pen (From ThinkGeek)

Laser Pointer, Pen and a PDA stylus in one compact pen. So for Christmas, 2004, Amy got me the coolest pen: PDA Stylus, (great for my Newton), pen (great for... writing) and a laser! (Great for getting Simone racing around!)

On the ThinkGeek site, they had the following description:

A trio of ball-pen, PDA stylus, and Laser pointer, and even more of a bonus with a PDA re-set pin. Allows you to work and navigate faster and easier than ever before. There is never a need to carry multiple utensils again, unless you need handy access to a fork.

It's nicly balanced and great to use, though I might replace the ball-point pen soon, and the cats have already worn out the batteries, just 3 days after I got it.


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