Layers With Simple HTML

But Ma, I don't want to learn CSS-P!

Frustrated with Cascading Style Sheets? Wish you could do layers, without CSS? You can! All it takes is some ingenuity and accepting a few limitations. (That well describes most web development and design!) By starting at the bottom and working out way up we can accomplish some very cool and *flexible* layouts that will be able to fulfill your layout dreams.

The layers in simple HTML 3.2 and 4.0 are built out of 2 elements: the BODY tag and the attributes of TABLE's TD tag. In the next few pages we'll explore the three topics: Using Background images effectively, Tips for working with Tables, and the Limits of Layers in Simple HTML. Let's start with BODY tag.

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Article Contents:
Page 1 Introduction
Page 2 The BODY [Next]
Page 3 TABLE Alignments and Widths
Page 4 The Backgrounds
Page 5 The Limits


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