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Modern Girls

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Modern Girls Soundtrack Cover

Modern Girls
Jerry Kramer
Produced by:
Gary Goetzman
Soundtrack Produced by:
Mark Wolfson (
Internet Movie Database Entry:
Modern Girls
Depeche Mode song used:
But Not Tonight
Geeky Clifford has a date with pretty Kelly. But when he comes to pick her up, she has gone to see her ex-boyfriend, the DJ at a nightclub, using her roommate Margo's car. Margo and their third roommate, CeCe, induce Clifford into driving them around, first to the nightclub to find Kelly, then on an all-night tour of the L.A. night scene in search of CeCe's new love, rock star Bruno X. (Jerry Milani)
This is the movie that got Sire is hot water with Depeche Mode. Sire requested that Mode do a song for the soundtrack to Modern Girls. At the time they were finishing off the album Black Celebration, and had put weeks of work into the song that was to be the lead single, Stripped. But Not Tonight was written and recorded in under two days, and was considered throw-away material. However, when Sire released the Stripped single for the US market, they made But Not Tonight the A-Side, and relegated Stripped to the lowly B-Side position. The band was outraged with this move, and Sire eventually re-released the single with Stripped being the A-Side. To this day, But Not Tonight is the only B-side that has a companion music video (made mostly of clips from Modern Girls), and Mode has never performed But Not Tonight live.


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