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Digital video releases by Depeche Mode

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Like many platinum-selling music groups in the US, Depeche Mode has released music videos, concert films and other pieces to the masses. I have collected information regarding those video and film pieces that have been released in one of three digital formats: Laser Discs, DVD or Enhanced CDs.

Laser discs were the first digital video format available to consumers. Because of it's digital nature, feature-film-length playing time and better audio, laser discs offered a far better experience than VHS video tapes. Laser discs have long been the home entertainment connoisseur's choice for video playback.

Like CDs, laser discs are silvered and read using a laser. However, in size they are comparable to 12" vinyl records. Generally both sides of the disc are used to store the video.

Laser discs have probably reached the end of their lifecycle as a technology. Digital video is now generally being released on DVD (aka Digital Versitile Disc, aka Digital Video Disc). The final Depeche Mode laser disc release was for the live performance film, Devotional, released in 1993.

DVD Releases

As of April, 1999 only two DVD releases containing DM material had surfaced: a Warner Bros. sampler containing Barrel of a Gun and an MTV Party To Go DVD that includes Personal Jesus.

With the release of Depeche Mode's second Singles collection, The Videos 86>98 was also released on DVD. This disc is not much more than a copy of the VHS release and does not include material that uses the DVD format's unique abilities. (However a re-release of the disc under the slightly changed name The Videos 86>98+ added more materials.)

In 2002 and 2003, Mode released two concert experiences on DVD. First was One Night In Paris, a well done filming of a performance in Paris on the Exciter Tour. In 2003, 101 was re-released on DVD with new material, including a second disc with a compilation of actual concert footage from the Rose Bowl performance.

The award-winning concert film Devotional has finally become available on DVD as of 2004. All of the tracks from the laserdisc version are included along with two additional songs, Policy of Truth and Halo. These leaves only four laser discs that can be culled for DVD release. I highly doubt we will ever see ... and Live in Hamburg or The Videos 81->85, so there is hope that Strange and Strange 2 might hit DVD in the next couple of years.

Alongside these video-oriented releases, I'm listing the videos that have been released on Enhanced CDs. These enhanced CD singles contain the four videos from ULTRA: Barrel of a Gun, It's No Good, Home, and Useless.

Depeche Mode Digital Video Discography

There are seven Depeche Mode releases in the Laser Disc format. More DVDs and Enhanced CDs are being released on a regular basis. If you have any more information regarding these releases, please contact me.

The releases are linked to a page that has a scan of the disc as well as the cover art.

Laser Disc Releases
1985 The World We Live In And Live In Hamburg


SM068-3005 (JP)
38107-6 (US) SIRE

Tracks: US: 10, JP: ??

Notes: Live Concert footage from 1984

The World We Live In...
1986 Some Great Videos


SM058-3062 (JP) ????
38124-6 (US) SIRE

Tracks: US: 11, JP: 10

Notes: US version includes Question of Lust. The US and original Japan 1986 discs had analog audio only. SGV was reissued on LD in Japan in 1993 as BVLP-97, with digital audio.

Some Great Videos
1987 Strange


BVLP-90 (JP)

Tracks: 5

Notes: Only released in Japan

1989 101


SHLM-2001 (JP)
38155-6 (US)

Tracks: 20

Notes: JP: TS & Insert

(1989??-1993??) EXHIBIT 1 - VISIBLE EVIDENCE


791148??? (UK)

Tracks: 14

Notes: VHS release is better known.

Erasure - Star
Nitzer Ebb - Fun To Be Had
Renegade Soundwave - Biting My Nails
Barry Adamson - The Man With The Golden Arm
Crime And The City Solution - I Have The Gun
Depeche Mode - World In My Eyes
Fortran 5 - Love Baby
Nick Cave - The Weeping Song
Frank Tovey - The Liberty Tree
Inspiral Carpets - Caravan
Crime And The City Solution - The Dolphins And The Sharks
Miranda Sex Garden - Gush Forth My Tears
Nitzer Ebb - Family Man
Easy - He Brings The Honey
1991 Strange Too


LD780468 (DE)
BVLP-22 (JP)
38181-6 (US)

Tracks: 6

Notes: Lyric sheet with Japanese release.

Strange Too
1993 Devotional


38346-6 (US) Sire/Reprise

Tracks: 18

Notes: Includes four exclusive tracks: Behind The Wheel, Mercy In You, Fly On the Windscreen, and Everything Counts.



DVD Releases
1997? MTV Party To Go Volume 1


?????? (US)

Tracks: ???

Notes: Contains Personal Jesus along side cheesey pop tunes.

MTV Party To Go Cover
1997? Reprise Music Video sampler


PRO-DVD-8825 (US) Reprise

Tracks: 19

Notes: Contains Barrel of a Gun, Track 3

Reprise Sampler Cover
1998 The Videos 86>98


38504-2 (US) Reprise

Tracks: 23

Notes: Includes Depeche Mode - A Short Film. Was re-released as The Videos 86>98+ with additional material.

The Videos 86>98 Cover
2001 Freelove


38564-2 (US) Reprise

Tracks: 3

Notes: Includes four short films, and two of the tracks are audio only.

Freelove DVD (US Release) Cover
2002 One Night In Paris


Mute Film DVD STUMM 190 (UK)
Hip-O/Universal 440 018 063-9 (US)

Tracks: Many

Notes: Includes Backstage footage. 2 Disc set.

One Night In Paris DVD (US Release) Cover
2003 101


?????? (US) Reprise

Tracks: Many

Notes: Includes "catching up" interviews. 2 Disc set.

101 DVD (US Release) Cover
2004 Devotional


?????? (US) Reprise

Tracks: Many

Notes: Includes screen projections from 'Exotic Tour' (Third leg of the Devotional World tour). 2 Disc set.

Devotional DVD (US Release) Cover


Enhanced CD Releases
1997 Useless (CD BONG)



Tracks: UK: 3 + 1 video

Notes: Includes BOAG video

Useless Single
1997 Useless (LCD BONG)



Tracks: UK: 3 + 1 video

Notes: Includes ING video

Useless Limited Single.jpg
1997 Home/Useless


9 43906-2 (US)

Tracks: US: 8 + 4 videos

Notes: Reprise's combined release of the Home and Useless singles in one package.

Home/Useless Single
2001 I Feel Loved


9 42398-2 (US)

Tracks: US: 5 + 4 videos + 9 photos and Wallpaper (Desktop) images

Notes: The videos are not music videos.


Requests: If anyone has information regarding the above Depeche Mode releases or other comments, please feel free to send them to me.

Credits: This page developed by Ross Olson with assistance from OGi, The BRAT, and Stefan Moernaut.


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