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Four, disc one, has the most engaging sub-title of any of the discs. It also happens to be most "collectaable" of the entire collection. It includes the only digital release of Adrian Sherwood's reconstruction of People Are People, which was given a completely new name. The other tracks explore the furthest reaches that Depeche Mode allowed their mixes to be taken to. If this disc were updated to the Songs of Faith and Devotion era, certainly the Apex Mix of In Your Room and the Ambient Whale Mix of Walking In My Shows would have been included.

The cover of the jewel case is a pictoral representation of the Get The Balance Right characters.

[7:26] Something To Do (Metalmix)
[4:28] Are People People?
[6:07] Breathing In Fumes
[5:07] Fly On The Windscreen (Death Mix)
[2:38] Black Day
[6:49] Question Of Lust (Minimal)
[5:57] Never Let Me Down Again (Aggro Mix)
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