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Cemb, disc seven, collects the earliest live recordings that were released. Many of these tracks were only available digitally on the 'Color' singles, the original European CD releases that had solid colors of Red, Blue, Green, and variations on that theme for Yellow and White. (EC, GTBR, LII, BR/S, and QoT)

The cover image may relate to the Rose, used on the cover of Violator and Enjoy The Silence.

[7:42] My Secret Garden [Hammersmith Oct 1982]
[4:19] Shout [Hammersmith Oct 1982]
[3:26] Photographic [Hammersmith Oct 1982]
[4:06] New Life [Hammersmith Oct 1982]
[2:36] Boys Say Go [Hammersmith Oct 1982]
[4:24] Nothing To Fear [Hammersmith Oct 1982]
[3:47] Tora! Tora! Tora! [Hammersmith Oct 1982]
[4:07] See You [Hammersmith Oct 1982]
[5:29] Just Can't Get Enough [Hammersmith Oct 1982]
[3:46] Ice Machine [Empire Sep 1984]
[6:52] Everything Counts [Empire Sep 1984]
[5:51] More Than A Party [Birmingham Nec Apr 1986]
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