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Cinco, disc five is a great disc to listen to at night, just before heading off to sleep. The only track that keeps this from being perfect, in my opinion, is the inclusion of Christmas Island, which has a very unsettleing effect. It might have been better replaced by Seibling or Kalied.

The image on the cover refers to the Master and Servant single with the chains representing dominative relationships.

[5:47] Any Second Now actually Altered version
[4:23] My Secret Garden actually Futher Exerpts from My Secret Garden
[7:38] Oberkorn (It's A Small Town) (Development Mix)
[5:04] The Great Outdoors
[5:30] Christmas Island (Extended)
[2:49] It Doesn't Matter Two (Instrumental)
[5:21] Fpmip
[5:05] Agent Orange
[4:22] Stjarna
[5:36] Moonlight Sonata
[4:11] Memphisto
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