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Notes on Sex
The B-sides

Sex, disc six, has a good sampling of Depeche Mode's b-sides career. Although nowhere near as comprehensive as the Pet Shop Boys' Alternative, in the same spirit, this disc shows us the 'off-beat' side of Martin's writtings (and indeed Alan's In Your Memory, as well as Vince's Ice Machine and Shout).

The cover photo, I feel, harks back to the The Meaning Of Love single with it's use of daisies.

[4:00] Ice Machine
[3:44] Shout
[2:40] Any Second Now acutally Voices version
[3:46] Now This Is Fun
[4:24] Work Hard
[4:04] In Your Memory
[3:13] Flexible
[5:09] Fly On The Windscreen
[4:23] But Not Tonight
[3:56] Pleasure Little Treasure
[4:11] Route 66
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