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Notes on Oziem
Live Two

Oziem, disc eight, has the second half of the live tracks, including four from 101. The location liner notes for these tracks are nearly completely wrong. I have listed the correct locations here, as noted in the Music Collector article.

The cover is of two 'bongs' or loudspeakers, similar to the Music For The Masses cover and more pointedly, the Strangelove single. Notice the 'X' on the upper inside of the top bong, which 'replaces' the 'BONG 13' text from the Strangelove singles.

[4:28] Black Celebration [Pasadena Rose Bowl Jun 1988]
[5:10] If You Want [Swiss Radio Mar 1986]
[4:12] Shame [Swiss Radio Mar 1986]
[4:34] Two Minute Warning [Empire Sep 1984]
[4:24] Master And Servant [Pasadena Rose Bowl Jun 1988]
[3:48] Something To Do [Birmingham Nec Apr 1986]
[4:21] Somebody [Empire Sep 1984]
[4:44] People Are People [Pasadena Rose Bowl Jun 1988]
[4:40] Told You So [Empire Sep 1984]
[5:25] Blasphemous Rumours [Swiss Radio Mar 1986]
[6:16] Stripped [Pasadena Rose Bowl Jun 1988]
[4:22] A Question Of Time [Pasadena Rose Bowl Jun 1988]
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